Any results achieved for current or former clients or endorsements from peers or clients neither imply nor guaranty that I will be able to achieve similar results in any other cases. Each case has different facts, clients, attorneys and judges involved. All of which can make a difference in results obtained for a client, even where the applicable legal issues are the same.


Reviews from clients


Stephanie Peagler wrote on December 26, 2020

“This guy helped me out so much over the phone he got me to the right place”

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Andrew wrote on August 18, 2020

“Very Helpful with Debt Issue”

“Mr. Cantrell has done a great job for me. I was utilizing him for a debt situation. He will do everything he can to minimize costs to the client while attempting to fully settle the situation. He’s a thoughtful in his approach and his recommendations to the client. Highly recommend.”

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Sue Bellantonio wrote on April 17, 2019

“Trust this man…he will take care of you!!!”

“I honestly have no idea why I opened the mailer I got from John, but I did and I believe it was Providence. John is incredibly professional, but also quite approachable. I was nervous as a cat and kept telling myself that he is the expert and to trust in his expertise. I am so grateful that I did. Sitting in the courtroom, listening to his arguments, listening to how he took apart the other side(s) arguments was amazing. Trust this man…he will take care of you!!!”

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Kay Black wrote on March 14, 2019

“Great lawyer great character. Best.”

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Keith wrote July 26, 2015

“Outstanding Lawyer”

“Mr. Cantrell is a true professional. He goes above and beyond to make
sure you are treated fairly and fights for the best settlement possible.
Extremely knowledgeable in all areas of debt and credit issues. Highly recommend.”

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Kristin wrote July 20, 2015

“Excellent Lawyer”

“John is an excellent lawyer with unbelievable abilities to fight for his clients!!
His strategies are better than most Lawyers out there. He is extremely intelligent and will out
smart his adversaries every time. He gives the small guy Hope when you think there is no hope!!!
John Cantrell is a Winner!!!”

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Timothy wrote on February 06, 2013

“A Definite Advocate”

“Mr. Cantrell is a kind, no -nonsense, tenacious, EXTREMELY knowledgeable, great listening
ADVOCATE for those going through tough financial times. It seems at times he has more expertise in BK law
than Trustees or Judges. His rates are VERY reasonable for his expertise. None could be more honorable or
trustworthy. He is the one you want in your corner if you ever get in a financial mess. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!”

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